As a first-time buyer, you may feel like you are bursting with questions, whether it’s “how long does the process last?” or “what is an indemnity policy?”

Everyone buys a property for different reasons. It therefore makes sense that you will be looking for something different and perhaps have different questions when you are buying your first home, as opposed to someone else in a different circumstance. As a solicitors we appreciate that you may well have lots of questions when buying your first home, questions that we are happy to answer, and that not one approach fits all.

How Long Will It Take To Buy A House?

The most common question we get asked is “how long does it take?”, a more than reasonable question considering there is a lot to plan. The reality of the situation is that every transaction is different and we probably won’t know the answer at the beginning of your transaction. Your purchase will involve your seller, you, us, your seller’s solicitor, estate agents, mortgage companies and, if your seller is also buying a property, a whole gang of third parties. Everyone involved will have different personal circumstances, priorities, deadlines and ideas of timescales. While we can’t give you the exact timeline we can promise to meet our same day service guarantee and deal with all matters as quickly as humanly possible. We promise to find the answers you need and call you back as soon as we are able to. We promise to prioritise you!

Prioritising Is Important

As first time buyers it can be overwhelming dealing with so many different people. The best thing to do to minimise stress is prioritise. Make sure that you prioritise any paperwork or questions that we or your mortgage broker ask you. Make sure mortgage arrangements are put in place as soon as possible and ensure your broker is up to date with paperwork and information they have requested. Pay for and order searches as soon as we advise you, as they can take a few weeks.

Read Up

Reading everything we give you is essential – it will help you to understand the process and should clear up any confusion.

First-time buyers can minimise stress and increase their understanding by prioritising and reading all the information offered. The best place to start is to check out our videos on our website explaining aspects of the process.

If we can answer any questions in the meantime, just give us a shout on 01273 407 970 – we don’t charge for answering your questions!

by Rebeccah Keighley